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The "traditional" entrepreneur business plan is fundamentally flawed.

How is it flawed?

Well, have you ever thought about how the "traditional" business plan forces you to plan on spending, even on borrowing?

Do you think this makes sense when you are still a complete unknown as a business person ... both to yourself and to your targeted market!?

I find that illogical and incredible. Don't you?

The "traditional" plan lacks the preliminary fundamental decision making steps that are essential to build a solid foundation for your business project.

Obviously, I am denouncing this sad state of affairs
because I can offer a proven solution.

I hereby pledge to supply you with the proven business planning ideas, resources and training to more than compensate for the shortcomings of the "traditional" plan!

We Supply The Missing Steps

Link to the missing decision making steps in the traditional business plan.
  • This site will show you how to become "in demand" before investing thousands of dollars in your business project!
  • This site will show you how to build yourself an enviable reputation as a responsible and helpful person - which people will readily consider doing business with!
  • This site will show you what steps you should take to build a small thriving business, from "scratch", on a micro budget ... and in complete safety!

The Fundamental Flaws
In The "Traditional" Business Plan

Why is the "traditional" business plan flawed?

Because it is still based on pre-Internet premises. It still uses costly and inefficient advertising campaigns ...

  • to make yourself and your business known to your intended market
  • and, in doing so, hopefully "jump start" your entry into the business world.

The aspiring business person in you is forced to start "cold" and to literally bet everything on ...

  • your (untested) knowledge of modern business-building process,
  • your (untested) effectiveness as an entrepreneur,
  • your (untested) ability to meet the needs and expectations of your intended market.

You should not have to plan on these untested fundamentals.

In fact, you don't have to, because ...

This site will show you how you can effectively avoid being doomed to potential failure by the fundamental flaws of the "traditional" business plans.

Here are the essential preliminary
decision making steps
that are missing in the "traditional" plans

What Is Normal And What Is Not

It's normal to be afraid of entrepreneurship when you are still a virtual unknown.

It's normal to be afraid to start a business - from nothing - when you don't know whether you have the necessary business knowledge, or not.

It's normal to be afraid to invest thousands of dollars in your business project when you are not certain of making a profit ... before your funds run out!

What is not normal
is to blindly go ahead anyway,
in spite of all these fundamental unknowns!

"Traditionally" you were expected to plan your future business and its financial success with these critical unknowns as foundation!

You don't have to, anymore.

This next page introduces
the critical steps to take
that are missing in the "traditional" business plan

Wishing you all the recognition and success you deserve ... as you discover the entrepreneur in you,

Claude Jollet
Owner & Publisher
Advisor & Coach to Small Online Businesses
"From the idea to the bottom line. Putting your business in the black by design."

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