The Characteristics Of Entrepreneur And You

Wondering if you have the characteristics of entrepreneur? One method is to compare your personal characteristics with those of successful entrepreneurs.

This quick test can be very reliable if you are absolutely honest with yourself.

Personal Characteristics Of Successful Entrepreneurs

The following personal characteristics of entrepreneur are common. I have already mentioned a few on the main page of this site. If I repeat them here, it is to underline their essential role. After all, you do want to be a successful entrepreneur! So here are the most important:

  • Passion driven.
  • Patient and hard-working.
  • Motivated and persevering.
  • Determined to succeed.
  • Honest and generous.
    (Please be honest with yourself here. This is essential and the very foundation of long-lasting success. I will come back on this)
  • Like to be of help to people (especially when it is in direct relation with the mission of the web site).
  • Like to do research on a subject and like to learn.
  • Like to communicate in writing. (See below for more on this.)

Please do not feel intimidated. You may not (yet) be fully conscious that you present most, if not all, of these personal characteristics of entrepreneur. You will eventually know, however, if you keep exploring this site as it grows, and if you keep questioning yourself as you go along. We are not always fully conscious of our behavior. There are many things we do naturally, without thinking.

Prerequisite Basic Skills

Being an entrepreneur on the web requires some special skills that might not be required of all types of entrepreneurs.

They are also part of the characteristics of entrepreneur on the web. Here are the most desirable:

  • You can read. (Yes, obviously, because you are reading this).
  • You can write simple sentences about a subject you are familiar with.(If you think you cannot, please reconsider. If you can read my site, you can write. That is a fact. All you might need is a little practice, and the help of the spelling and grammar correction feature of your favorite word processor).
  • You know how to use a personal computer to create documents. You know how to use a text editor or a word processor.
  • You know how to navigate the web. (Yes, obviously, because you did find this site after all.)
  • You know how to search for information. (For example, you know how to use Google (tm) or Yahoo (tm) to search for information on the web.)

You Must Also Have . . .

  • You have time available to dedicate to your project and take care of business. (You will find out in this section that the amount of time can be quite manageable and reasonable).
  • You have unrestricted access to a personal computer. (It is best if you own one.)
  • You have unrestricted access to the internet. (It is far more desirable if you subscribe to one for your personal use. You do not necessarily need a high speed, as you shall see in this section.)

All You Need Now

All you need to become a Web entrepreneur is ... a blog? No! You need much better than that. You need SBI! 2.0. Take a quick look and see for yourself.

SBI! 2.0

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