Entrepreneur Success Story
My Very Own!

Claude Jollet and telling his successful entrepreneur success story.

When presented with an entrepreneur success story, everyone wants proof.

I know I did, before starting my own business as an entrepreneur on the Web.

Therefore, I hereby submit my own proof, on this page, that my way of building a small and growing business really works ... and that it does not require special skills.

SBI! eLearning

Here is a list of what you will get here:

  1. Verifiable Web site ranking figures, by the most reputable sources on the Web.
  2. How I build an enviable reputation.
  3. How I use YouTube and articles.
  4. How I monetize ... turn traffic into income.
  5. How I get results.
  6. A look ahead.
  7. How you can do as well ... or even better.

I am revealing the following information, some of it private, to prove to you that my entrepreneur success story is true, both on line and off.

The "secret" behind my own entrepreneur success story is that I do everything in my power to make myself known to the world , and be recognized as someone who can help, really help people, in my chosen fields of expertise.

You can learn how to market yourself by taking the unique
Online eLearning
Marketing and Business Course
for "Info-Preneurs" like me

I will explain what I mean by "everything in your power", in a moment.

But, first, let me reveal to you how I did in 2008, two years after starting from nothing.

My Entrepreneurship Web Site Ranking

Claude Jollet's entrepreneur success story | Top-Web-Entrepreneurs-Plan-It.com Web site.

According to Alexa.com, Top-Web-Entrepreneurs-Plan-It.com ranks well within the topmost 1 million sites (on top of more than 100 million other sites one the Web). In other words, my Web site ranks in the top 1% of all Web sites in the world!

The actual rank, on any given day, varies because of varying competition. But, my site always ranks in the top 3%, more often than not in the top 1%. I only began building this site in December 2005.

Here is a graph of the traffic going through my site. Note the increasing trend!

Entrepreneur success story - Top-Web-Entrepreneurs-Plan-It.com Web site stats.


My Weather Web Site Ranking

Claude Jollet's entrepreneur success story | Weather-in-Canada-Observer.com Web site.

Alexa.com ranks Weather-In-Canada-Observer.com in the top 2 million sites or, if you prefer, in the top 2% on the Web. I only began building this one in January 2007!

Entrepreneur success story - Weather-in-Canada-Observer.com  Web site stats.


My Ham Radio Web Site Ranking

Claude Jollet's entrepreneur success story | HamRadioSecrets.com Web site.

Alexa.com already ranks HamRadioSecrets.com in the top 3% on the Web.

And I only began writing content for this site in January 2009!

Entrepreneur success story - HamRadioSecrets.com  Web site stats.

My three Web sites occupy an enviable position on the Web ... by design, not by chance, as I will explain in a moment.

These three sites alone make my entrepreneur success story, a true story. But, there's more.

Making A Name For Myself

Local Business

My Web sites (above), my articles, my videos on YouTube, my presence in Google search results, word-of-mouth
... all contribute in making me and my business
visible virtually everywhere at once!

That's what ubiquity means.
Here is how I turn my ubiquity into income.


If you search for "Claude Jollet" on Google (my name between quotes to look for exact matches only), Google will report that more than 10,000 pages mention "Claude Jollet" on the Web!

Now, I have easily less than one hundred pages, with my name on them, in all my Web sites! The thousands of others, bearing my name, are on Web sites other than mine.

By the way, mine is not the only entrepreneur success story of its kind. You can read some others here.


I have published only eight (8) articles. People publish my articles, or quote me, on their Web site, because they feel that my information is useful to their visitors. They mention me as their source, both for legal reasons, and "Netiquette".


My seven (7) videos on YouTube were viewed more than 10,000 times! You can check for yourself by going to the YouTube.com site, and doing a search using my video publisher identification "WebEntrepreneursID" (case sensitive).


Affiliate Marketing

Of course, money plays a big role in my entrepreneur success story. As you read on, keep in mind that I only began building my business Web sites two years ago!

Most small businesses don't make any money in the first year or two ... if they survive at all!

Think of what you could do with ever increasing popularity, like mine. Think your business, any business, would thrive?

I use my Web sites to build my reputation.

Monetizing (direct)


I expose my Web site traffic to useful information, which I share freely. However, I have to pay for the overhead, even if it's very small.

  • I let Google post context-relevant ads on some of my Web site pages. I earn from a few cents to a few dollars, each click. They really add up, with time.

  • I sell products and services, as an affiliate (SiteSell, Trafford, Google, etcetera.).

  • I earn royalties from the sale of my book, which I also offer to my Web site visitors, of course..

Monetizing (indirect)

SiteSell Services

The more I give away useful info on my sites, the more people know about me, and get to know me. Consequently, I get an ever increasing number of requests for one-on-one help.

Part of my entrepreneur success story is that I earn indirect income from my Web site traffic ...

  • as consultant to local businesses (I charge $600 to $900 per day, depending on the complexity of the mandate).

  • as a copy writer for small to medium businesses (mostly marketing oriented) (I charge 15 cents per word - minimum $150.00).

I am also fully bilingual. My mother tongue is French. English is my second language. Thus, I can cater to a larger number of people than a unilingual entrepreneur can.

In fact, I am in the process of building another business Web site, in French this time. Its mission is to bring traffic to our B&B, which my wife and I recently opened (late summer 2007).


SBI! Results

All told, my "indirect" income far exceeds the "direct" income from my Web sites.

Thousands of other, ordinary but determined and resourceful people, have just as much success. In fact, many have more success than me. Here is verifiable proof.

To a certain extent, your own " entrepreneur success story " will depend on what you have to offer people, and what the demand is for it. Oh! Yes, you are going to have to work for those results!:) But, you will be working at your own pace, tour own way.

One sure fire way to ensure that you also succeed as an entrepreneur, is to use the same process that I use. It's called Site Build It!. Under the expert guidance of other successful entrepreneurs, I can ...

Find Your Niche

  • Determine what the demand is for the information I have to share with people. No sense offering information that nobody is looking for, right?

  • Determine how best to present it (marketing).

  • Determine how best to monetize the acquired traffic (monetizing).

  • How to build a business Web site that really works (brings in traffic), as well as a small, but ever growing, business.

  • How to be in a position to write your own entrepreneur success story in a year of two!

All without any special knowledge, other than the one you have acquired in your own field of expertise.

  • No technical Web knowledge necessary.
  • No programming knowledge.
  • No Web design knowledge either.

Site Build It! takes care of all the cumbersome technicalities, in the background, while you take care of business, your own business, in the foreground.

Like thousands of others, you too can discover that there is a demand for your knowledge and know-how. Site Build It! gives you the means to find out for certain, and to market it most profitably.

Looking Ahead

At this rate, (at the time of writing this on Jan 01, 2010), I can expect my three sites to easily generate, over the next twelve months ...

  • more than one quarter of a million visits,
  • and more than half a million page views!

Many internet entrepreneurs do much better than this, depending, in part, on their field of expertise, and how well they apply the SBI! process. Some tell their own success story here.

You Can Do Just As Well Or Better

Do you think your business could prosper with that many prospective clients walking through your Web site's "virtual" doors?

Do you think you could find ways to monetize this kind of traffic?

Start building your entrepreneur success story, now.

Why not let Site Build It! show you how?

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