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Mastering which types of research methodology to use, and when, can make or break your Web business. Before I reveal which types are the best, let me describe what you have to research, as a Web entrepreneur.

You will have to do fairly intensive and exhaustive research during the planning phase of your Web business. This activity will have far reaching consequences, because the results will become the very foundation of your entreprise.

You will (should) also continue doing research during normal business operations, thereafter. This activity will not be as demanding, but will nevertheless be an important factor in your ability to stay ahead of the competition.

Your research, if done properly, will help you "own" your niche market.

Therefore, it is imperative that you master the types of research methodology that will best serve your purpose, at each stage of your business development.

Searching For Answers

Aspiring Web entrepreneurs have to find answers to a number of critical questions, right from the very start. Here are some of them, and their respective types of research methodology.


Research Methods
Research Methods
What is the demand like?

Are there enough "profitable" keywords in the chosen domain to make the business venture worthwhile?

What is the demand, and the supply for each keyword?

How many keywords per page is best?

How many unique visitors do you need before monetizing?

How many Web pages of useful content do you need before submitting your Web site to directories?
What will be your main business activity?

If you have many business ideas, how will you recognize the one that will most likely be profitable?

What will be the one for which you are best suited?

If you do not already have a specific business idea in mind, how will you find out if you have what it takes to have a Web business?

You should not come to the hasty conclusion that a Web business is not for you! You should find out for certain through proper research.
Is the desired domain name available?

What are the possible derivatives?
What would the best domain name be for my Web business?
How much are advertisers paying for the keywords in your chosen domain? What is the competition like?
How many monetizing possibilities will you have?

How many affiliate programs would be suitable?
What types of monetizing are most suitable for my business?

What Are The Methods?

Web entrepreneurs use types of research methodology specifically designed for the Web environment. These methods require specifically designed software tools, obviously. Well . . . it may not be obvious to you yet, but trust me, it will be if you investigate.

The research methods and tools, that I use for my Web business, have been developed by the best experts in the field. I investigated and researched every major possibilities, before adopting them.

Thousands, like me, use them successfully.

I believe they are the most effective, and efficient on the Web. And they will remain so, because they are constantly updated by the experts who designed them.

Otherwise, I would not trust them to help me build my business future.

Furthermore, I learned to use each method and tool in its proper context, and at the right moment.

The types of research methodology for Web entrepreneurs, that I use every day, are fully documented. A simple click on the graphic will give you access. No tricks. No charge. No hype. Just useful information, in plain language.

Find Your Niche

Take your time, and look around. The advantages of qualitative versus quantitative research for the Web, and vice versa, will soon become clear.

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