Women Entrepreneur
The New Breed

The modern women entrepreneur does not settle for trade-offs anymore. Many succeed as internet entrepreneurs ... without sacrificing their freedom to enjoy life.

This article is about putting into effective practice reputable and reliable information on starting and growing an online business.

But first, here is some essential background information.

U.S. Government Sources of Information
on Starting and Growing an Online Business

Please note that the U.S.A. is not the only country to supply its entrepreneurs with this type of information.

Now, armed with this overview information of what needs to be done, let's turn to the practical side of things!

In other words, let's look into how you can actually do what our governments recommend.

Turning This Information Into
Effective Business Practice

The technological barriers have been brought down. The playing field has been leveled. The required "entrepreneurial" knowledge has been streamlined and is easy to master, one step at a time.

The new form of Web entrepreneurship does not require her to attend business school ... nor invest money blindly either.

She succeeds...

  • by following a proven business-building process

  • and by putting her existing talents to work with her usual passion and determination.

Here are a few examples of successful women entrepreneurs.

Michelle Schill

Women entrepreneur - Michelle Shill

Tired of running her hairdressing business from home in the evenings, Michelle decided to diversify.

She tried to write a book about hairdressing but no publisher would even look at the manuscript.

Then she found out from a knowledgeable and reputable expert how marketing actually works on the Web.

That was her turning point.

Michelle now runs a tremendously successful business, the hub of which is a Web site named Style-Hair-Magazine.com

Michelle lives in Alberta, Canada. More about Michelle Schill here.

Marney Makridakis

Women entrepreneur - Marney Makridakis

Marney is an artist and writer. One day, she set out to make words "visual", and visual art "narrative".

Her journey began when she tried to publish a magazine and promote it with a Web site she built on her ISP's free Web space.

Her first attempts were unsuccessful because she did not know how Web marketing worked!

She did eventually find out how by using a proven business-building process for internet entrepreneurs.

Her unmistakably artful Web presence is called

Marney lives in Kamuela, Hawaii. More about Marney Makridakis here.

Birgit Bradke

Women entrepreneur - Birgit Bradke.

"B", as she likes to be called, left Germany at the age of 25 to travel. She first landed in Australia and fell deeply in love with it.

She "travels for a living" (her own words). She lives off the income from her Web site...
Outback-Australia-Travel-Secrets.com on which she describes Australia with the eyes of someone who has fallen deeply in love with it!

Birgit's "home base" is in Kimberly, Australia. More about Birgit Bradke here.

Sara Ding

Women entrepreneur - Sara Ding.

Sara admits her intense dislike for "selling". How can she be mentioned here as a top women entrepreneur?

She reveals that she learned how to "pre-sell" customers with her Web site...

Her success comes from having learned and mastered the art of convincing her target audience that she has the answer to their needs.

It works ... because she delivers!

Sara lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. More about Sara Ding here.

What They Have In Common

Each women entrepreneur above succeeded in building a solid business using the same proven business-building process and platform.

SBI! 2.0 The Only Web 2.0 Small Business Platform.

P.S. Michelle, Marney and Sara are also mom entrepreneurs! They get even more out of SBI!

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